The Enterprise Mindset – Fighting Status Quo

When it comes to investing and generating wealth, I've always stressed a long term view that requires to keep the following things in check. Emotions No investor can be successful if he/she gives in to a market in free fall by selling their positions for a steep loss due to lack of liquidity or panic … Continue reading The Enterprise Mindset – Fighting Status Quo

How Society Discourages Wealth Accumulation

Our Love For Debt:America’s love for debt knows no bounds... just look around you. Don’t get me wrong and this is not a rant.. but the truth. I love the United States and wouldn’t see myself living anywhere else. However, the way the economic system is structured, it is overly reliant on consumer spending. 70% … Continue reading How Society Discourages Wealth Accumulation

Financial Markets: The Bull and Bear case

If you closely follow US markets, you know that nearly every sector in the economy YTD has notched respectable gains. Financials, Technology, Health care.. you name it, until these past two weeks. A world of easy monetary policy has further strengthened investor optimism and financial markets continue to weather any storm that comes their way- … Continue reading Financial Markets: The Bull and Bear case